From mega-metropolises to picturesque islands, you can find everything you’re looking for in this popular travel destination.

With a blend of adventure, ancient history and culture, Asia goes unmatched in the travel word. Hong Kong places on the top of the list as the most popular Asian travel destination, with Maldives, Tokyo, and Bali close behind.

A great place to get to know Asia is Hong Kong. With its British roots, it offers a city that blends east and west culture greying the lines of any culture clashes. Want more city? Tokyo is as fast-paced as they come. As one of the largest cities in the world, many of its visitors have a hard time keeping up with the flashing lights and overly crowded streets. But travelers should accept the challenge regardless of the experience that it offers.

If you feel like visiting Asia for some serenity,  Bali offers what has been called “Heaven on Earth” with its profound natural beauty, lush rainforests and picture-perfect mountain ranges. Miles from there, you will also find the 1,200 islands of Maldives with it’s pristine white sanded beaches, crystal clear waters, and expansive coral reefs.

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