hawaii trip packages

Ready to be immersed in the Aloha spirit?

It’s everywhere you turn in Hawaii! The unending happiness that exists on these islands is amazing. Maybe it’s due in part to the beautiful year-round weather, the epic scenery, or the abundance of natural wildlife that surrounds the country. Or perhaps the fact that you have a clear view of both the sunrise and sunset every day is truly invigorating to the soul! Whatever it is, Hawaii is hot vacation spot unlike any in the world with its beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, waterfalls, and steep valleys. You might even catch glimpses of their whales, dolphins and native green sea turtles while on your travels.

Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures with influences from places such as China, Japan, Thai, Portugal, Spain, and Tahiti. Although the islands have mastered city life and contain some of the world’s most luxurious resorts, some parts of Hawaii have been left untouched for thousands of years adding to the magic of the ever-growing volcanic island range.

New Vision Travel books trips and vacation packages to Hawaii regularly and would love to help you decide which of the 8 islands best suits your travel personality. Perhaps you’d like serenity with white beaches, blue water, and fantastic views of the mountains? Try Kauai. Looking for some adventures and tourist attractions? Then visit the grand island of Maui. Want to see where all the volcanic action is taking place? Then the great island of Hawaii is for you!