Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson, CEO
New Vision Travel

Not too many people get to travel the world like a flying accountant. When Joseph Johnson served in the military, that’s just what he did. As an Air Force accountant, he was witness to many different countries, their cultures, their beauty, their despair, and of course, their finances. He learned to appreciate the small things, the cultural diversities, and at the same time, he was able to broaden his vision of the world. Coming from the concrete jungle, traveling enlightened him. For the first time, he experienced what it truly is to live. He had a new vision of life.

Joseph has since retired from the military, and the post office as well. As a disabled veteran, his passion for travel lives on. He continues to explore the world, but now, he has the privilege to share his passion with his clients by offering them the best travel experiences one can have.

As a member of the AME church, he now actively partakes and books religious travels where he can help people deepen their beliefs, reconnect with their spiritual beliefs, or take historical walks through time.

Whether you want to book a romantic trip, celebrate your birthday abroad, or perhaps would just like a change in scenery, Joseph has strategic travel alliances throughout the world ready to book the very best vacation experiences. Joseph is here to service all travel needs. Rest assured, you are in the best of hands with New Vision Travel.